40 x 40 (grp. exhibition), Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy [2015]
The Wrong Head (grp. exhibition), 69 Smith Street, Collingwood [2014]
69Fifteen Exhibition (grp.exhibition), 69 Smith Street, Collingwood [2013]
Tofu with Guns with Naomi Waller, Persquaremetre, Collingwood [2009]
Gene-splicing Reality, solo show, The Afterdark, Northcote [2007]
Exhibition of collages / objects and (Cornell) Boxes, solo show, The Village Idiom, Yarraville [2007]
International Surrealist Exhibition, Spencer, Iowa, USA [2006]
International Surrealist Exhibition, Toledo, Ohio, USA [2003]
Fractured Ampersand Ridiculous, group show, Eckersley′s Gallery, Melbourne [2003]
Crypt Orchid, group show, Artholes Gallery, Fitzroy [2003]
Spontaneous Combustion, group show, Flips Café, Coburg [2003]
Monklopod, group show, Flips Café, Coburg [2002]
Artary, group show, Artary Gallery Heidelberg [2001]
Anarchist Visions, group show, Brunswick [2001]
SubUrban Festival, group show, Australian National Gallery (Canberra) [1999]
InFocus, group show, Gorman House (Canberra) [1998]

Published in:

Somnambulist Footprints, Oyster Moon Press, California [2008]
Le Mal Dominant, Bone Structure Records, Belgium [2007]
Deadline, c/o of Overload Festival [2004]
Silverfish New Writing 2, Silverfish Books, Kuala Lumpur [2002]
This is not a Commodity, Issue 1, Canberra [2001]
Sound and Fury : The Gipsy Anthology, KGB Inc. [2000]
Redoubt No. 28, University of Canberra Imprint [1999]
VoiceWorks magazine No.s 36, 37, Express Media Power Workshops Inc. [1999]
FIRST, University of Canberra Imprint [1999]
Dreams of a Limegreen Catsuit [1997]


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