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19th International Collage Exhibition/ Exchange, Percy Thomson Gallery, New Zealand [2017]
40 x 40 (grp. exhibition), Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy [2015]
The Wrong Head (grp. exhibition), 69 Smith Street, Collingwood [2014]
69Fifteen Exhibition (grp.exhibition), 69 Smith Street, Collingwood [2013]
Tofu with Guns with Naomi Waller, Persquaremetre, Collingwood [2009]
Gene-splicing Reality, solo show, The Afterdark, Northcote [2007]
Exhibition of collages / objects and (Cornell) Boxes, solo show, The Village Idiom, Yarraville [2007]
International Surrealist Exhibition, Spencer, Iowa, USA [2006]
International Surrealist Exhibition, Toledo, Ohio, USA [2003]
Fractured Ampersand Ridiculous, group show, Eckersley′s Gallery, Melbourne [2003]
Crypt Orchid, group show, Artholes Gallery, Fitzroy [2003]
Spontaneous Combustion, group show, Flips Café, Coburg [2003]
Monklopod, group show, Flips Café, Coburg [2002]
Artary, group show, Artary Gallery Heidelberg [2001]
Anarchist Visions, group show, Brunswick [2001]
SubUrban Festival, group show, Australian National Gallery (Canberra) [1999]
InFocus, group show, Gorman House (Canberra) [1998]

Published in:

Somnambulist Footprints, Oyster Moon Press, California [2008]
Le Mal Dominant, Bone Structure Records, Belgium [2007]
Deadline, c/o of Overload Festival [2004]
Silverfish New Writing 2, Silverfish Books, Kuala Lumpur [2002]
This is not a Commodity, Issue 1, Canberra [2001]
Sound and Fury : The Gipsy Anthology, KGB Inc. [2000]
Redoubt No. 28, University of Canberra Imprint [1999]
VoiceWorks magazine No.s 36, 37, Express Media Power Workshops Inc. [1999]
FIRST, University of Canberra Imprint [1999]
Dreams of a Limegreen Catsuit [1997]


self-published books, zines and CDs since 1996
event organiser since 1996
performer since 1996

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Xtian was made in East Germany but born in Hungary - that makes him one part Australian, two parts former Communist.
He made his first collage at age 8, inspired by now defunct Eastern European glossies. He then forgot how to for 16 years.
That event was 20 years ago, and since his triumphant re-acquaintance he has created hundreds of images manually and digitally,
some of which he's also animated. His works have appeared in exhibitions and publications in Australia, Europe and the USA.
He is currently one half of the ever-growing "infinite collage" project (with award-winning comedy writer Mat Blackwell),
and is working on the long-running collage comic series "The Micturating Angel".

His primary focus for collage is to produce works that tell a story, a fragment or a snapshot from a story.
Comprehension of the images produced is just beyond the horizon, yet they draw the viewer in.
Xtian's preferred medium is old school hand-made collage, the creation of a tangible object in a digital world.