some other sites by me / i'm affiliated with
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»artworks/ online galleries
the infinite collage : on-going collage project w. Mat Blackwell - now over 70m long!
the micturating angel comic : surreal collaged comic book series
the micturating angel on tumblr : for those too cool for blogspot
xtian's blog : new artworks of all shapes and sizes
gadzooxtian tumblr : old and new works to peruse and follow
gadzooxtian films : art films, travelogues, ridiculousness
Melbourne Kollage Ultra: thee Melbourne collage collective
MK ULTRA facebook: MK Ultra facebook page - JOIN US
»musical projects/ bands
gadzooxtian music to stream/buy : i have over a dozen musical projects
gadzooxtian music videos : songs for my many bands
»prints/ T-shirts/ books/ CDs, etc
online print store : buy prints/ t-shirts/ calendars, etc
online book store : picture books/ word books/ comics
micturating angel online store : prints & T-shirts
»and of course
the ZOMG! facebook link : pictures of my cats/ partner/ me